Textile trading is our profession

MA-TEX International B.V. represents agency/trading companies in China, Hongkong and Bangladesh specialized in garment, textiles and accessories ,who are able to create more transparency and reliability. With the confidence that, once reliability can be provided regarding the required price and quality standards, there are ample business opportunities in Asia.

Our Fareast partners can rely on a long history of cooperation directly with factories and washing plants who meet European standards and legislation.

In this role we can provide an importer's service with prices on the level of direct buying.

We are able to provide and preserve our high service levels due to the highly educated and experienced European management, good local organizational structure, and the detailed knowledge of the local market and its possibilities. We provide our services in two major areas:
1. We operate as an agent for our clients, developing a tailor-made service and guiding the client through the entire production process from sourcing and ordering up to the correct shipment of the goods.
2. We act as a trader, and as such we operate as a direct manufacturer of all kinds of garments and accessories.

In Brief

Since we operate as a buyinghouse/ trader and not as an importer, costs can be kept reasonably low, therefore we offer a pricelevel of direct Fareast buying

Service level is comparable with that from an importer

Direct cooperation with factories and washing plants in China and Bangladesh

European Management in Far East offices with European standards

Quick response because of European representation

Our partners have all the necessary facilities and expertise to ensure proper handling of your orders

Many years of experience in developping and producing quality products, both knit and woven

Knowledge of different European markets

Ability to create collections

Product Groups

Girls wear

Boys wear

Ladies wear

Men's wear




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